NUMEM Health Centre
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Northern Uganda Medical Mission Health Centre
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Patient Care: Building a Community
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Sanitation: Moving in the Right Direction
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Technology: Setting a New Standard
The NUMEM Health Centre is now open in Pader Town Council, providing services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our healthcare establishment has been licensed by the Ugandan Ministry of Health and operates in accordance with all standards of healthcare established in Uganda.

Our health centre is an eight room building, with eight beds for overnight patient stays and monitoring. We have examination, procedure, and laboratory capabilities within our facility.
Why We Are Different
Affordability, Sustainability, and Patient Care
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Our services are offered at a much lower cost to the community members than those of preexisting non-governmental healthcare centres, under the premise that no patient will be refused - regardless of economic standing. By the same token, we are also fully self-sustainable, meaning we are not dependent on donations or other external financial support in order to run. Our low costs allow more patients to visit us, providing the centre with a steady and sufficient monthly income. We have partnered with many local insurance companies as well.

We also focus on the patient experience. We make sure that all of our patients feel comfortable in our care, and that we have their full trust at every stage of treatment.
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We strive to maintain the highest standards of sanitation within our centre - standards many (if not most) surrounding health centres or clinics do not meet. We have installed safe sharps disposals throughout the centre, as well as easily washable tile floors. Our beds are also wrapped in PVC that we wash or exchange between every patient, so our mattresses do not get infected.

We also strive to innovate in order to overcome the structural challenges of running a health centre in Pader. Without running water, we have installed a hands-free wash station, to ensure our health professionals always stay clean. At NUMEM, we seek to prevent any needless illness that would result from infection or an untended facility.
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NUMEM works to maintain a top-notch facility with modern and efficient technology. Firstly, we owe a large thanks to MedWish International for providing us with a reliable and sophisticated dual-viewer microscope for our clinic. We now have two working microscopes, which we use for lab testing.

As of summer 2013, we also run purely on solar energy, which we have installed on our own roof. This system has ended our dependence on candles and the unreliable electricity in Pader. We are no longer subject to power outages, and rather have a working facility around the clock.

Lastly, and perhaps most excitingly, NUMEM Health Centre is home to Pader’s only working ultrasound machine. Women may now come to NUMEM for effective and advanced maternal health screenings, preventing any possible complications during birth. Should a woman need a C-Section, for example, NUMEM has provided her with the ability to find out.
Partnerships and Special Programs
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NUMEM owes a large thanks to its many partners, who have allowed us to advance enormously in our services and programs. Firstly, in the near future we will be providing free cervical cancer screenings and family planning services to community members through our partnership with Path Uganda. We have also partnered with the Pader District Local Government, who will be providing us with vaccines starting December 1st, 2013.

Lastly, read more about our
Rural Emergency Medical Communication System, women’s program called Deborah’s Sisters, and the partnerships that made these programs happen here.