Board of Directors
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Executive Director
Oyoo Benson

Oyoo Benson is currently the deputy in-charge at the Health Centre III in the town of Pader, where he practices and administers patient care to many of the 13,500 Acholi residents. Benson’s story started 27 years ago in a village just 45 minutes from his clinic in Pader. He was born in Northern Uganda, and at the age of nine Benson was taken from his family and schooling and abducted into the LRA. Following his escape a year later, Benson re-enrolled in school at the age of ten, and was adamant about making a life for himself and giving back to his community. After his acceptance in and graduation from Gulu School of Clinical Medicine in 2012, Benson decided to remain in and help the community in which he grew up; his degree in clinical medicine and public health fortunately taught him to treat patients without labs or equipment. Benson’s favorite book, Gifted Hands by Ben Carson, has inspired him throughout his life. He enjoys swimming, learning, reading novels, and going on adventures.
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Chief Finance Officer
Atiya Patrick Kasagara

Atiya Patrick Kasagara was born in the Akonyibedo village in county of Aswa in Gulu. Patrick graduated Gulu School of Clinical Medicine in 2012 with a diploma in clinical medicine. Upon graduation, Patrick worked at a private clinic in Gulu for almost a year after graduation. On May 20th, 2013 Patrick left Gulu for Pader Town Council. Where he is now the Chief Clinician at NUMEM Healthcare Centre. Patrick hopes to continue his education and move onto medical school in the coming years and specialize in general surgery.
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Executive Secretary
Olanya Denish

Olanya Denis, only 24 years old, graduated in 2012 as a clinician with a diploma in clinical medicine and public health from the Gulu School of Clinical Medicine. He was born in the village of Kalongo, in the Agago District. He set his sight on medicine when he was eight years old, as his mother passed away during childbirth. As a result, he is extremely passionate about reducing the high child and mother mortality rates in Uganda, and hopes to one day specialize in gynecology. Despite losing his mother, Denis’ scores to enter secondary school were the best in his sub-county and fifth in the entirety of Pader District. His aunt, who raised Denis after his mother’s death and who he deeply admires, soon passed away from breast cancer—this only intensified his drive to do well in school, so he could eventually become a doctor. He currently works in the Fitzmann Medical & Dental Clinic, in the Community Healthcare Centre in Gulu.
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Vice Executive Secretary
Taabu Geoffrey

Taabu Geoffrey was born in the village of Adyee, in the district of Kitgum. He graduated from the Gulu school of clinical medicine with a degree in clinical medicine and community health. After working in a clinic in Atiak, in the Amuru district Taabu Geoffrey now works in the Dr. Ambrosoli memorial hospital in Kalongo. He loves to read, and watch and play soccer. He also loves children, and hopes to specialize in pediatrics.
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Oyet Patrick Abwola

Is an Acholi from northern Uganda who was born in the village of Kom Nuru. As a board member, Oyet's heart was set on "fire" as he was burning to use the skills and knowledge he had acquired throughout his life to provide the community members of northern Uganda with quality and accessible healthcare. He studied Clinical Medicine and Community Health from Gulu School of Clinical officers. He believes that the greatest people, institutions, and organizations are the ones that do ordinary things in extraordinary ways with an honest heart and a true passion. Currently, he is in the Jesuit formation. Oyet strongly believes that the organization will serve beyond northern Uganda and bring peoples of different cultural and religious background together from all over Uganda and the world.
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Vice Chairperson
Okello John

Okello John is 23 years old. He was abducted by the LRA for one month in 2001, and lost his father soon after in 2003. Following these challenges, he and his mother struggled to make ends meet. However John managed to graduate from the Gulu School of Clinical Medicine with a degree in clinical medicine and community health, and he now works in the Fitzmann Medical and Dental Clinic in Kitgum, one of the many war-affected areas in Northern Uganda.