Changing The Status Quo
Rural communities in Pader often do not have access to phones or transportation, leaving them essentially isolated. They therefore have nowhere to turn in emergency situations.

The Rural Emergency Medical Communication System seeks to change that.

In 2012 the district of Pader was ranked 94th for Health Service Delivery out of the 112 districts in Uganda
Uganda Bureau of Statistics
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REMCS will consist of 8 self-sustainable call boxes installed in government health centres throughout the district. This will ensure security of the system, government partnership and an association with an established healthcare system.

NUMEM will use these call boxes as an emergency dispatch service. The boxes will provide community members with access to NUMEM clinicians for routine medical counseling for one hour daily. More importantly, they will provide Pader communities with 24/7 emergency medical advice and access to ambulatory services.

The system will launch in April of 2014.

We are fortunate to have a myriad of partners and supporters for REMCS in Uganda and abroad. The program would not be possible without them.

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Question Box - Open Mind: This international NGO has provided us with beautiful, state of the art call boxes and immeasurable guidance since the program's initial stages.
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Pader District Local Government: We are fortunate to have the support and partnership of our local government, which has allowed us to install the call boxes on public health centres throughout the district. The government has been by our side throughout the process, and will continue to play an active role in the REMCS implementation and upkeep.
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UCLA Global Citizens Fellowship: Through our Overseas Director, this fellowship has provided the funding and international support we need to make REMCS a success.
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Hillel at UCLA: This Jewish student organization provides us with lasting support and publicity.
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Medical Teams International, Pader Division: The Pader branch of this international medical NGO has allowed NUMEM to use their ambulance as part of our REMCS emergency response.