Bouncing Back After Pregnancy By: Patrick Oyet

Giving birth is a great event in a woman’s life. No doubt it affects her both physically and emotionally. In fact, the so-called “postpartum period “ begins right after the delivery ends and could last between six to nine weeks, as the mother’s body tries to get as close as possible to its pre-pregnant state. Therefore, it is very important soon after the baby arrives, in spite of your new busy schedule, to fine sometime to take care of yourself properly.
You need plenty of rest to rebuild your body sooner especially if this is your first baby; thus during the initial weeks after delivery, it is best to accept all the help you are offered in doing the various chores around the house.
It would be ideal if you could get your mother, sister, mother-in.-law or any other relative and even or friend to stay with you for a while and help by sharing the experience, giving an advice or just letting you sleep well.
This will definitely ease the pressure off, help you get or regain your strength and get used to having the baby as part of your routine.
In addition to rest, all mothers need to maintain a healthy diet to promote healing and recovery. Although most mothers want to lose their pregnancy weight, extreme dieting and rapid weight loss can be hazardous to your health and that of the baby, if you are breastfeeding. Losing weight naturally can take place several months.
A woman’s hygiene becomes one of the most important things not during pregnancy only, but also sometime after. A new mother should always keep the vaginal area clean and safe to avoid infections. Sanitary pads should be worn and regularly changed. The same thing one should say about woman’s breasts, particularly the nipples, they should always be cleaned properly with warm water right before and after breastfeeding to avoid bacterial growth and infections.
Regular check-ups
Get regular checkups with your gynecologist to ensure that you are healing properly. As surprising as it may seem, you can get pregnant again just two weeks after giving birth! For your health and for the health of your next baby –to-be, you and your partner need to think about birth control methods.
This is also a very important part of a new mother’s life as preventing hurt feelings or misunderstandings. When emotions are fragile. So, have a little walk around, meet your friends and colleagues.
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Love you all,
Patrick Oyet
Chairperson, Northern Uganda Medical Mission