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Support NUMEM in style with a NUMEM V-neck or sweatshirt. All proceeds from sales go directly to supporting the development of our maternity ward.

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We Are Community

NUMEM is about Ugandans serving Ugandans. We develop all of our services and programs based on community needs, and respond to healthcare deficiencies only with community-based solutions. We provide jobs and services, and also seek to provide personal development opportunities, such as our women’s engagement program.
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We Are Passionate

At NUMEM, we believe that every individual has the potential to succeed, regardless of gender, or economic and geographic circumstance. We believe in the power of youth to enact change in the world, and overcome all limitations. Our founders and staff are largely young people who have all been touched by the Ugandan civil war, and who moved on to follow their dreams and serve their communities.
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We Are Innovative

To properly serve the Pader community, we modernize by finding innovative solutions to infrastructural problems. We are financially self-sufficient, refusing to rely solely on external donations to run - our business model is based on accessibility and continual growth. NUMEM strives to meet the highest standards of healthcare: our patient intake system, sanitation procedures, and advanced equipment set a new standard for rural health services.